Dog Accommodation

Glenbrittle welcomes you to a new generation in animal care in our specially designed penthouses.Your loved one will find luxury enjoyment, immense care, with wonderful food as well as perfect surroundings.

Whilst they relax on their four poster bed with the central heating, ensuring their perfect temperature, they can watch a different channel on their individual televisions every day. Or if you’re like many people you may wish to bring a DVD of the family so your loved one can watch whilst in their perfect surroundings so you and your voices are not forgotten. They can also stroll from one room to the other or even venture onto the patio outside.

All kennels are heated and have sleeping quarters with a bed and sterilised bedding. Adjoining the sleeping quarters is a spacious exercise area. Dogs are exercised regularly on the fully fenced paddock.

We have a large variety of kennels for all kinds of dogs such as dogs with spinal problems, arthritis, neck problems and blindness. All of these are catered for and many more physical disabilities, along with medical requirements such as insulin injections. With our trained staff we will take care of every problem for you. Every kennel is sterilised and pressure washed daily; our cleaning routine is second to none – the kennels are clean and well presented, and hygiene is of utmost importance and to a very high standard.

“The luxury of knowing that our cleaning routine is second to none.”