Hydrotherapy Pool

We have state of the art equipment which helps us do a perfect job in caring for your pets.

With our hydrotherapy pool we encourage your pet to gain physical strength and mind.

With our highly trained team you will have no need to worry, the well being of your pet is in very good hands.

The benefit of swimming in water allows exercise that is non-weight bearing, so recovery can start much earlier following surgery or injury. The warm water and increased range of limb movement helps to promote circulation, which aids healing. The pressure of the water can have an anti-inflammatory effect, relieving pain and reducing swelling resulting in more comfortable or more natural limb movement.

Some pet insurance companies will pay for hydrotherapy if you veterinary surgeon prescribes it.

We advise that you consult your vet before commencing swimming. We will take a history of your dog if necessary obtaining a clinical history from your vet. Some of you will be visiting because your vet has directly referred you to Glenbrittle.

Hydrotherapy treatment can help with

– Pre and postoperative conditioning,
– Arthritis – reduction of pain and mobility,
– Hip dysphasia,
– Spinal injuries,
– Recovery from multiple injuries – including fractures and neurological damage,
– Ligament injuries and postoperative recovery,
– Muscle strengthening, maintenance and restoration,
– Relief of pain, swelling and stiffness,
– Relaxation of muscle spasms,
– Cardiovascular fitness,
– Obesity (weight loss in conjunction with diet),
– Mental well-being,
– We have further information for all of the above conditions.

Good for puppies

– Condition your puppy without worrying about stressing his still growing bones and joints,
– Have fun teaching your puppy to swim in a safe and warm waters over looking green fields and a wonderful atmosphere.

Dog pool parties

– Invite up to five canine guests,
– Great for litter reunions,
– Memorable birthday party (event that everyone will enjoy and talk about for years).

Your first visit

– No food for at least 2 hours before swimming,
– Please toilet your dog before they enter the swimming arena a lawn is available on site but please use a poop scoop,
– Wear suitable clothing – you may get splashed,
– We reserve the right to refuse dogs considered to be in an unhygienic or unhealthy condition,
– Towels for your dog,
– We do have dryers, which can be used to partially dry the dogs if needed.

When you arrive – important safety information

– Always check with us before bringing your dog into the swimming area,
– Please remember we have injured dogs on the premises that can feel threatened or could be hurt by normal friendly behavior,
– Keep your dog on a lead at all times until a member of staff tells you that it is safe to release.

Cost per session
One session lasts 30 minutes this includes the preparation of getting in/out of the pool:
– 30 minutes – £18.00,
– 60 minutes – £27.00.
Price for block bookings
– £16 for 5
– £15 for 10
– £14 for 20


Late arrivals

Up to 15 minutes late – we will start the swim but your dog(s) will required to leave the pool area on time to enable the next client appointment to start punctually.
Over 15 minutes late – we may let the next client start their dog swimming and try to fit you in at the end of their appointment. This will not always be possible to do. In either case full charge will apply.

Missed Appointments

– The full charge will apply.


– We require a minimum of 24 hours notice otherwise the full charge will apply.

Please leave us some feedback after your pet’s stay with us here.